domenica 15 agosto 2010

Giveaway time!!!!!!

It's definitely time for a giveaway! Yay!!!!! This is my way of saying 'thank you' for following my blog and leaving nice comments on my posts :)
If you want to participate the only things you need to do is:
1) being a follower (if you're not a follower yet, don't worry! You can still participate, the more we are for the giveaway, the better! So just sign in and become a follower);
2) leave a comment on this post.
You do not have to advertise my giveaway on your blog, it's not a requirement. If you want to do so, feel free, and I will enter your name twice in the draw.
My giveaway will be a surprise (but I'm not sure I'll able to resist without showing you any pics.....), and I'll pick the winner on the 5th of September!
Well, the game begins, good luck to everyone!!!!!!!!!

mercoledì 4 agosto 2010

Back to miniatures making

So here I am, after a week in the US, more or less settled.
I've had time to unpack the few tools/fabrics/beads/etc I was able to carry with me, and I'm now back to crafting. I've managed to make a hat-pins cushion -to go on the counter of my millinery shop, or course!-. And a straw bonnet, which has proved to be quite tricky; I'd say it's definitely easier to make a regular hat, compared to a bonnet. Still, I thought that a well stocked milliner needs to carry in the range also some bonnets!
Well, it's time to go enjoy that 41° Celsius which reign on Arizona at the moment! More mini making (the give away I'll hold soon!) later on today.
Lucia xx