domenica 4 dicembre 2011

Hello, hello! I have been very busy, but I've managed to make a few things for my shopping centre....For example...I built the massive shelf that is featured in pics 1&2. Yes, I'm so proud of it, I still can't believe I made it all myself. It is quite a simple structure to design, but to get all those shelves right....well, that's another story! Anyways, here it is, all finished. Initially I was going to paint it in a nice colour; but after finishing the whole thing, I actually thought It looked nice in its natural shade. So what do you think? Also, as you can see, there's going to be some sort of balcony in the shop. Notice all the tiles?? All individually cut, sand, and painted :/ 
I'm afraid you will have to be very patient with me, if you want to see the progresses of this shop? So, any other ideas on what this shop is going to sell?????

While here you can see my cat inspecting the works on a ceiling I was meant to do ages ago. It is going to be the ceiling of the ground floor hallway. It is going to have a bit of a vault shape, as you can see from the pic. The problem with this ceiling is that I couldn't come up with the decoration of it. I simply didn't have any ideas. Till one day I was browsing through old FMR magazines....and ta da! Found the perfect thing! Went to a photocopy centre, had the magazine scanned and enlarged, and now my ceiling doesn't look like plain wood sheet anymore. I still need to do something to the ceiling, so that it doesn't look like a plain photocopy stuck onto it, but hopefully it's not going to take me another 2 years. Yeah, this is the time it took me to find the right decorations!

I hope you've enjoyed seeing what I have been up to lately, and I promise I'll keep you updated on the developments of my shopping centre.

sabato 17 settembre 2011

Slowly but steadily

As promised, though slowly, I'm getting back on track and making new minis. This week has seen me moving plants around in the vases, really. The Hortensia is made of precut scrapbooking flowers which I found ages ago in a DIY shop. The wooden vase still needs some aging, but this is going to happen hopefully in the next week....yes...because something else is being built (as I usual, I can't stop myself from working at different projects at the same time!).

Yes, this is the thing that has kept me busy most. Printing, cutting all those individual tiles, and glueing them to place......But I'm not going to reveal what shop I'm making :) You can have a guess if you want!!!!

I also wanted to thank all my affectionate readers that have stopped by and left an encouraging comment on my blog. 
I'm slowly catching up with your mini works as well, and I must say that all I've seen so far is really beautiful!

lunedì 5 settembre 2011

Works in progress

Dear all,

first of all I wanted to thank you for your constant support and encouraging words. It's really joyful to know that, no matter how many months I've spent away from blogland, my readers are still interested to hear what I've been up to. Please forgive me if I haven't left any comments on your blogs yet, but I've fallen a bit behind with what everyone else has been up to, and it's going to take me a while to make up for it. Apologies :)
And now, as promised, please let me show you what I've been up to recently!

Someone might remember I was trying to build a florist's shop; well, I've finally made it! It's inspired by greenhouses and conservatories, and the idea is to make ALOT of plants to hang off the balcony and partially cover it. In the middle of the floor there will be plenty of shelves on which of course you'll find pots, vases, flowers, gardening tools and so on. But I wonder how long it'll take me to accomplish all this!

And then of course I couldn't ignore my haberdashery. I've collected the raw furniture that will go into that shop, but I haven't started decorating it yet. What I've made though is a dozen of teeny tiny boxes, each and everyone with an assortment of embroidery threads in it. Yes, believe my word, there's tiny reels in EACH box. Just forgive me if I didn't open all the boxes to show you all my crazy work :)

I hope you've enjoyed seeing what I've been up to lately, and I promise I'll be back soon with more things to show you xxx

martedì 30 agosto 2011

For too long

Yes, too long has passed since I last posted something on my blog. It is quite sad, really, I've left all my readers without a new post for a couple months. It's not like in the meantime I haven't been making any minis; to be fair, I've made just a few, as I've had some awfully busy times. But I'm back, and I promise I'll take some pics of my last works very very soon, and I'll show you what I've been up to. And maybe we can all celebrate with a tiny giveaway?

sabato 16 aprile 2011

A bag

This is my last creation! Unfortunately I haven't been able to do much this week, but this is better than nothing, right?
I apologize for not having been able to comment on any of your blogs lately, but I'm living an 'internet-free' life at the moment, due to a few issues with my laptop.
Thank you Catherine for your advise on how to fill pillows and make them look realistic. I'll give it a try :)
I hope you're all having a nice weekend!

domenica 10 aprile 2011

A cushion is born!

Yes, this cushion -well, what soon will be a cushion- was born yesterday afternoon in the sunny gardens of Blenheim Palace. A most delightful place to visit, if you happen to be in the UK around the Oxford area. I happen to have a free pass to go in whenever I want, so yesterday I didn't want to miss out a great day in the sun at Blenheim. And this is where my first 40 count project was born :)
I hope you'll like it!
Mini hugs, Lucia

giovedì 7 aprile 2011

My carpet is finished!!!!

Yes, I've finished my carpet! Actually it has been ready for a couple weeks, but it took me forever to take pics, as usual ;)
I hope you'll like it!
Hugs, Lucia

venerdì 1 aprile 2011

For Sale!

Yes, for sale!!! This cute little bear is waiting to find a new home! He's only 4,2 cm 'tall' when he's standing, he's 100% hand sewn by me, and he's the most adventurous bear I've ever met. He loves to play in the garden, and he wants to explore the world =)
I've made this bear to celebrate the spring season and because several people have shown interest in my miniatures. I'm not planning to open an Etsy shop any time soon; instead I'll post on this blog which items are available for sale as I go along. This cutie is £25, and is ready to be shipped straight away! Poke the picture to admire this bear in all its beauty! And then, if you're interested, please contact me at
Mini hugs, Lucia

giovedì 24 marzo 2011


Yes, yet another bear! I think this one is so cute! All in pink and with bunny slippers! Isn't it perfect for Easter?!
Mini hugs, Lucia

domenica 20 marzo 2011

Works in the florist

Yes, the flower shop is slowly, really slowly, getting better! You can now see the structure of the 'greenhouse-in-a-box'. It is taking forever to make, and every single bit of wood needs to be test-fitted. But I think that the shop will look beautiful in the end :)
Don't worry I haven't given up on the carpet, I'm still stitching it, it's just taking me forever to stitch all that blue background...Hopefully it'll be done by the end of next week!
Yesterday though I've taken a day off from mini-making, as I went to Miniatura in Birmingham!!!!!!! The show was great, I bought several things which I'll show you in the next few days, so bear with me :)
I hope you've had a good weekend,

martedì 8 marzo 2011


Just a quick post to show you some progress on the carpet I'm stitching!
As you can see, it's all going very slowly, but at least it's improving :) I reckon it's going to take me another 2 weeks to finish it, but I'm sure that all this work will be worth it!
I hope you're all having a good start of the week.
Mini hugs, Lucia

lunedì 28 febbraio 2011

My first carpet

As promised, here's my first EVER carpet. As a matter of fact this is also the first time ever in my life that I'm making something with needlepoint. Ok, I know, it's a very easy stitch. Still, what you can see here is my first attempt ever! I wonder if I'll manage to complete the entire carpet. It seems an endless kit to finish. It's so big! And it takes forever to stitch all these stitches!
Hopefully I'll be able to post better pics in a few days time, as soon as I finish all the details and get a head start on the background color :)
To Margot,I haven't got any of my creations available for purchase at the moment, but I might try put a few bears on sale on my blog in a few weeks time, so stay tuned if you're interested!
Mini hugs,

mercoledì 23 febbraio 2011

A SHE bear

She's antique pink, she's soft, yet skinny, she's got this old look, as if she really came out of a box after having hidden for more than a century. She's my last work, and I absolutely adore her.
I also made her a fur jacket, just in case she feels cold. I'm sure that in a toy shop they would sell not only bears, but also clothes to fit them ;)
I hope you'll like her!
I'm very sad to say I had to miss Miniaturitalia yet again, eh, but hopefully next year I'll be in Italy when the fair is held. Anyways, my mum went there and bought me my next challenge (which yes, it has already crossed the Channel and is already here in the UK)....a miniature carpet kit! It's actually quite a big one, which should keep me busy for a while, especially since I've never done something like this before! Hopefully it'll turn out nicely....I'll take pics of the work done so far, so you can get an idea :)
Mini hugs, Lucia

lunedì 14 febbraio 2011

Another furry friend!

Didn't I say I was going to focus on the flower shop?! Of course I did say that! But you know, when you still have about four bits of fur fabric, you can't really ignored them and move onto a totally new field! I had to use that fabric and make some furry friends :)
So here it is, last week's creation. A tiny white bear that seems to be screaming 'hug me'! More bears to come soon; 3 bears if I want to be precise. Then I will have no more fabric and I will move onto brand new minis, I promise :)
Have a happy Valentine's day.

martedì 8 febbraio 2011

More shop pics

Yes, I know, I said that the millinery shop is almost finished....well, let's say that most of it's done...though I'm still missing a table with poufs in the middle, and a nice drapery to cover the door, and hat boxes, and hat pins, you know, all those trinkets!
And I said I was going to focus on the flower shop now...But...I wanted to share with you these couple pics I took (still in no good light) of the two counters in the millinery shop which simulate the front of the shop. You've got to use your imagination and pretend that there's some big windows in front of these two counters. After all, in real life there's a huge perspex panel in front of the shop, instead of the traditional wood panel (so that you can see the inside at all times).
Also, I wanted to welcome all the new followers, and thank you for all the kind comments you leave on my blog :) It's always nice, after a long day, to come home and read all these lovely messages!
Caterina, yes, I'm in the UK now ;) And I haven't forgot about your hat!
Mini hugs, Lucia

domenica 6 febbraio 2011

New shop!

Now that the millinery shop is coming to a nice conclusion (ceiling done, all hatstands painted gold, a couple front tables to simulate shop windows.....but pics of all this to come soon), it's time to move on a new shop. I've decided to focus on the flower shop, since I bought a few flower kits at Kensington last year! The shop will look like the inside of a greenhouse. There will be an ironwork-balcony, and you can see that the sky has already been painted, with Magritte-style clouds. I wish I could show you better pics, but lately the days have been quite dark, so this will have to do for the meantime. Hopefully I'll be able to post more about this shop.

martedì 25 gennaio 2011

Xmas Swap!

Yes, Christmas swap! I know, already a month has passed from Christmas day, but I still have to show you all the goodies I received from Maria Narbòn. Remember the swap that Cockerina organized for Christmas? My partner was Maria, and she sent me all these lovely gifts ages ago, but due to the fact that I was busy with finding a house in the Uk and all the rest, I haven't been able to take pics of my new minis till today. And, hey, better later than never!
What do you think of the tiny doll I received? I think it's so perfect! The tiny flowers on the dress, the lovely painted face...It's just adorable!

And what about this black umbrella? Don't you think it will look just perfect in one of my boutiques?

And of course, how could I go without a Santa's hat???? That will be perfect for my hat shop during Christmas time, won't it?!

Thank you very much Maria, all your minis are amazing, and be sure they'll be treasured for many many years to come!
Mini hugs,

mercoledì 12 gennaio 2011

New Year, new bear

Happy new year everyone! I know I'm a bit late, but I had so many 1:1 scale problems to sort out! I just didn't have time to post anything on my blog, neither to read any of your blogs. (Flora please give me some time to get organized in the UK, and then I'll get back at you!). But I promise that I'll catch up with what you've been up too in a fairly short amount of time :)
Anyways this is the new bear that will join all the other toys in the toy-shop. I hope you like it!
More to come soon,