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Here you can find all the miniatures available for sale! If you need more information about a miniature on this page, if you're ready to make a purchase, or if you've seen something on my blog that you'd like to commission to me, please get in touch with me at, and I'll come back to you as soon as possible.
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This cute little bear is waiting to find a new home! He's only 4,2 cm 'tall' when he's standing, he's 100% hand sewn by me, and he's the most adventurous bear I've ever met. He loves to play in the garden, and he wants to explore the world =)
I've made this bear to celebrate the spring season and because several people have shown interest in my miniatures. I'm not planning to open an Etsy shop any time soon; instead I'll post on this blog which items are available for sale as I go along. This cutie is £25, and is ready to be shipped straight away! Poke the picture to admire this bear in all its beauty! And then, if you're interested, please contact me at
Mini hugs, Lucia SOLD