sabato 17 settembre 2011

Slowly but steadily

As promised, though slowly, I'm getting back on track and making new minis. This week has seen me moving plants around in the vases, really. The Hortensia is made of precut scrapbooking flowers which I found ages ago in a DIY shop. The wooden vase still needs some aging, but this is going to happen hopefully in the next week....yes...because something else is being built (as I usual, I can't stop myself from working at different projects at the same time!).

Yes, this is the thing that has kept me busy most. Printing, cutting all those individual tiles, and glueing them to place......But I'm not going to reveal what shop I'm making :) You can have a guess if you want!!!!

I also wanted to thank all my affectionate readers that have stopped by and left an encouraging comment on my blog. 
I'm slowly catching up with your mini works as well, and I must say that all I've seen so far is really beautiful!

lunedì 5 settembre 2011

Works in progress

Dear all,

first of all I wanted to thank you for your constant support and encouraging words. It's really joyful to know that, no matter how many months I've spent away from blogland, my readers are still interested to hear what I've been up to. Please forgive me if I haven't left any comments on your blogs yet, but I've fallen a bit behind with what everyone else has been up to, and it's going to take me a while to make up for it. Apologies :)
And now, as promised, please let me show you what I've been up to recently!

Someone might remember I was trying to build a florist's shop; well, I've finally made it! It's inspired by greenhouses and conservatories, and the idea is to make ALOT of plants to hang off the balcony and partially cover it. In the middle of the floor there will be plenty of shelves on which of course you'll find pots, vases, flowers, gardening tools and so on. But I wonder how long it'll take me to accomplish all this!

And then of course I couldn't ignore my haberdashery. I've collected the raw furniture that will go into that shop, but I haven't started decorating it yet. What I've made though is a dozen of teeny tiny boxes, each and everyone with an assortment of embroidery threads in it. Yes, believe my word, there's tiny reels in EACH box. Just forgive me if I didn't open all the boxes to show you all my crazy work :)

I hope you've enjoyed seeing what I've been up to lately, and I promise I'll be back soon with more things to show you xxx