mercoledì 28 luglio 2010

Haberdashery items

Hi everyone!
I've managed to move to Arizona, yay! I could pack only a few craft tools, so I think I'll have to go on a trip to Michael's (as soon as I find a car that I can use).
I wanted to have a giveaway once reaching 100 followers; well, I've got 104 up to now, so it definitely is time to thank each and every one of you for reading my blog (it's amazing to see that there are people out there interested in what I do!), and for leaving such nice comments every time.
Due to the fact that I was moving to the States I haven't been able to craft any miniature for my giveaway. But please stay tuned as I'll write a post for my give away pretty soon :)
In the meantime I thought you might enjoy seeing these things I made for the haberdashery. I have been wanting to make them for ages, but I couldn't find the right cardboard...too thin, too thick, or not the right color. Then one day I ordered a book from Amazon, and it came in exactly the kind of cardboard I was looking for!!!!! But I didn't realize it straight away. As a matter of fact I threw away in the paper recycling bin this Amazon box; and after a few days, while I was still thinking how to solve the cardboard problem, I remembered about that wrapping....and went digging in the recycling bin ;)
End of a fairy tale (well, kind of!).
Lucia xxx

giovedì 22 luglio 2010

A very quick note

Just a very quick note to let you all know that I haven't disappeared :)
I'm just very busy at the moment, that's all. I've completely packed my house in Oxfordshire, I'm back home in Italy and I'm expected to move to the USA in this weekend. Sol actually I need to pack for my next destination (Arizona) where I'll be living for about 5 months, before I'll move again. Bleah, I'm starting to hate all this packing/unpacking!
In between all this chaos I still manage to read your blogs, though I haven't got time to leave many comments. Let alone playing with miniatures.
Well, hopefully I'll be able to post some miniature related pics very soon; in the meantime enjoy this pic I took in France last year.

sabato 10 luglio 2010

A hat! Just one, but what a hat :)

Hello, hello!
It has been a very busy week for me, 7 exams done, hopefully went all I didn't have much time to dedicate to miniatures. Today has been my first day of freedom from my studies, and I've had to start packing all my belongings, since I'll move out on Wednesday. Anyways I've squeezed in some time and I made a few minis, which I'll show you another time, as I haven't taken pics yet. I thought though you might enjoy seeing what I made out of those cold porcelain roses I showed you a few posts ago :)
Now off to bed, tomorrow I'm leaving early to go and visit Bath! (YES, I should be focusing on packing the house, really....but I think it's worth it to visit England a bit, before I leave it....)!
Have a good night!

domenica 4 luglio 2010

Birthday self-presents!!!!!

It's my birthday on Tuesday, and so I bought myself a few miniatures! I always do it. Every year I indulge with myself and buy a few things for my birthday ;)
Here you can see some yummy pastries from Paris Miniatures. Emma has spoiled me this time, she has even included the 'vanilla' flavored St. Honoré in my order for free! Thank you :)

And of course I couldn't ignore Rosanna's post (she was selling some of her handmade miniatures left over from Simp)....I had to have one of her magnificent embroidered tea cozies!

Here's a pic of all my new miniatures together!

I just wish my birthday was more than once a I would have more excuses to buy myself miniatures!!!!!!