giovedì 23 dicembre 2010

Swap with Caterina!

I have been waiting almost a week now to take pics of the miniatures that Caterina sent me for the swap we organized months ago. I was hoping to take pics of my new minis in a decent daylight. But thanks to the snow and all the rain we have been having in the past week...well, today I've eventually given up, and I'm showing to you all the amazing work that Caterina has done!
First of all, you can see the most perfect tuxedo shirt, I love it. The details are amazing, I really don't know how Caterina can work on such a small scale in such an accurate way!

And then.....oh, my god, this pair of shoes is just breathtaking! The white covers can actually be taken away, and the black leather shoes have got the most tiny laces ever! And guess what's the best part of it?! The shoes can be really worn by a miniature man!

And then.....some shirt collars, amazingly detailed. And some shirt wrists (I'm sure there's gotta be a specific name in english?).

Everything is so beautiful, but there was so much more in the package that I received from Caterina. I'll write another post to show you everything else, don't worry :)