mercoledì 30 giugno 2010


My millinery shop is slowly coming along, I've made almost enough hats to go in the shop...there's still some empty spaces on the shelves, as you can see from the pictures. And I'm planning to have about 2 or 3 hats on a counter as well. Plus I was thinking about having some up front on a display in order to simulate front shop windows. One thing is for sure, I'm short in hat stands, I need to buy some more. Eventually I'll have to paint them all...but I just wanted to have some fun and try all my hats on the shelves :)
Sorry for the not-so-good pics, but the weather has been cloudy and this is the best I could do with such inclement light!

domenica 20 giugno 2010

Cold porcelain and hats

Good afternoon everyone! Today I'm showing you a couple more hats I've made, inspired by the Royal Ascot events that have been going on in the past few days! As you can probably imagine, I've looked at so many pictures of the ladies at Ascot...I wish I could go there one day, just for the fun of looking at all those beautiful hats, and take loads of pics as inspirations!
Also, yesterday I've made my very first cold porcelain! I must admit that I was cooking glue and cornstarch at lunch time, so my housemates saw it...and they were pretty amused by it. I don't think they ever thought that someone could cook glue :) I've also posted a pic of my very first roses, made out of cold porcelain of course! I'm pretty pleased with my results of both my first cold porcelain and my first roses!!!!!

domenica 13 giugno 2010

Bunka reels

This is what I've been up to in the last week! I made tons of little bunka reels. I had to try all the colors I own...I just couldn't help it. Besides, an haberdasher must have all sorts of colors, otherwise his customers will be very disappointed ;)
I hope you'll enjoy my new miniatures!
Have a very good evening,

martedì 8 giugno 2010

Pretty vases

These vases have traveled all the way from Tasmania to England! As you can see they've got here in perfect conditions :) Margaret Crosswell is the artisan who made them, I'm sure you know the talented Aussie miniaturist! And, oh my, aren't those tiny roses the cutest you've ever seen?! I feel inspired, I shall make a hat which recalls these vases.
A big thank you to Linda Carswell as well, without whom I wouldn't be the proud owner of such beauties.
Mini hugs, Lucia

giovedì 3 giugno 2010

Silk ribbon reels

Yesterday has seen me in the process of making tons of tiny reels of silk ribbon....You know, my haberdasher will need to be perfectly supplied with all the possible trims that a woman could want! Think about all those ladies who'll go shopping in the haberdashery, looking for something absolutely gorgeous to put on their dresses, parasols, hats, bags....
I hope you'll like them ;)

martedì 1 giugno 2010


Remember all those silk ribbons I bought at Kensington?! Well, I thought I'd put them in good use. I have been having these black with pink polka dots feathers for a year now, and I couldn't come up with nothing interesting, really, because I was missing the perfect ribbon....But now....all those gorgeous feathers have found a 'home'!!!!!!

While these delicate white and grey feathers come straight from the canal nearby :) I went for a walk around the canal last Saturday, and I HAD to pick up from the pathway these beautiful little things...And I think they complete this green hat nicely!

Hugs, Lucia