sabato 6 aprile 2013

Cats and miniatures

 I do not know why my cat loves miniatures so much. She's been attempting to get inside the shops several times...Luckily the perspex panels were there to save me (and the miniatures of course!).

Not to mention that every time I pull out my craft tools (miniature related and not), she comes there to keep a close eye on what I do, and she tries to help...

Fimo...well...that's a different topic on its own, she loves the smell and taste (!!) of it. I've gotta be very careful every time I pull my clay out. I can't ever leave it unattended, or she'll eat it. No kidding.

Anyways I thought you might enjoy these pics, fresh from last night. At least it gives me the opportunity to show you part of the structure of the shopping arcade. As you can see, it stands on two floors, on top of a massive wooden cube. You can see the top gallery to the top left, millinery shop to the top right. Turning around the corner (top floor) there's a haberdashery-shop-to-be, while right below you can kind of see the florist. Oh, yeah, you can also see where the patisserie is located.

The structure has shops all around the 4 sides, in a way it's like Queen Mary's Doll House as you can walk all around it. One day I'll show you better pics of the whole shopping arcade. But for the time being enjoy these photos with my cat in action.

Have a good weekend,