domenica 28 novembre 2010

Clown bear

Here it is, my latest creation! I decided that my toy shop couldn't go without a vintage-style clown bear, and so of course I had to make one. This time life has been easier, as the bear is not as tiny as the one I've shown you in a previous post. It has been a lot of fun time too making this little thing come to life.
Hope you like it!
Mini hugs, Lucia

sabato 20 novembre 2010

Swap with Caterina! - Part 2

As are a few more pics of other hats I've sent to Caterina! I hope you'll like them!
Which one amongst all the hats I've shown you you like best?!
I hope you're having a good, creative weekend!

mercoledì 17 novembre 2010

Swap with Caterina!

Hello everyone!
Here I am, finally, after having survived one week without the internet...I imagine I've missed so many things out there in blogland, I'll have a lot to catch up on your blogs :)
Still, in the meantime I thought I'd show you some details of some miniature hats I' made for Caterina (Cockerina). She asked me if I could replicate the traditional hats of the South-Tyrol.
So here they are, my miniature replicas of her hats. I found this swap very challenging, as I've had to experiment with new fabrics, and new hat shapes. But it has been been also very fun! A lot of fun :)
I'm really pleased with my results, and hopefully Caterina will like her new hats when she gets them. No, don't worry, I haven't spoilt her the surprise, she already knows what she's going to receive!
Mini hugs,
PS. More pics of the hats will come soon, so stay tuned!