martedì 29 gennaio 2013


The best thing about building a shopping centre is that you don't have to stick to one shop at a time. 
For someone like me with thousands of plans, this is ideal. I can make something totally different from one day to the other. For later than Sunday I was busy finishing off a patisserie counter and tables; now I'm taking a break from that, and I'm moving onto the florist' shop! This is my first attempt at lavender and at aging pots too. I'm sure that the technique can be improved, but I'm quite happy with the results for the time being, and I need to move on to other parts of the shopping centre! Aren't you just curious to see on which shop I'll be working next?! 'Cause I am, and I'm waiting for my next strike of inspiration tomorrow!
Last but not least, a sincere thank you for the lovely comments on my previous post and for the warm welcome backs!!!
Hugs :)

domenica 27 gennaio 2013

A lot to be done!

A warm hello to all my readers which have been kind enough to wait for such a long time for a new post from me! I'm such a bad blogger...But the breaking of my camera didn't help either! 
I'm sure someone out there might be wondering what are the progresses of my shopping mall, so I thought I'd share with you the latest pics :)

I'll start off today from the patisserie.
So here's a closeup of the main counter which I built and decorated myself. The front panel is actually a dollhouse door which I found about 10 years ago amongst theatre broken props. Yes, the front panel has actually had the honor of staging in the Annie musical!
On the counter there's loads of mini bottles which I found in a Chinese local shop. I'm just not sure about the should I substitute them???? I don't like them at the moment, so any ideas are welcomed!

Here's a view of the entire patisserie..

A close up of the entrance door, with a handmade faux marble column (column made out of an empty thread spool).

And finally I've made 6 of these tables. I still have to put some tablecloths over them, and build the chairs, but so far so good. There is progress in the patisserie!

I hope you've liked my mini tour :)