mercoledì 14 gennaio 2015

Antique's shop

A big thank you to everyone who took the time and welcomed me back, either by posting a message here on this blog, or by sending me an email. It really means a lot to me! Thank you!
Since I showed you a picture of my antiques shop in the previous post, I've decided it wouldn't do any harm to explore it a bit more.
You can see here below a detail of the lamp which beautifully hangs from the ceiling. In the background of the same picture you can also see the armchair made by me ages ago! And also some shell decorations which I made inspired after a trip to the sea in southern Italy. 

In the second picture you can see some candelabras and art deco lights I made. And also a close up of the fake stone details. Made out of egg carton boxes, painted with some sand mixed into the acrylic. 

Then a few details of what's on the table. Some tatted centrepieces, a shell box (again made after the sea trip), a doll under a dome, and much more. 

And just so you know, I made the stairs myself, using a wooden fan (well, maybe 3 fans), which I skilfully dismantled and cut into small pieces, following an online tutorial (sorry I can't remember which one). 
Well, I hope you've enjoyed this pics! See you soon with the next shop!