lunedì 17 maggio 2010

Kensington Dollshouse Festival

As promised, here are a few pics of the Kensington Dollshouse Festival!!!!!
I couldn't help it! I had to take a pic of my autographed book....and I had to share it with you :) :) :)The not-so-much-crowd! Well, it was lunch time, everyone (me included) were upstairs eating sandwiches and resting our feet!!!!!

Very nice flowers. Too bad you can appreciate it, but it has been so hard trying and take decent pictures with those nasty amber lights everywhere!

Some vintage looking bottles....oh, so pretty!!!!!!!

A sneak peak (or possibly two) of a modern house....

I hope you have enjoyed this quick tour of the show. It's just a shame that so many exhibitors wouldn't let people take pictures...
In the next post I promise I'll show you my purchases!
Hugs, Lucia

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  1. Thank you foe sharing!!! I am exited to see your purchases!!!
    Synnøve :)