domenica 4 luglio 2010

Birthday self-presents!!!!!

It's my birthday on Tuesday, and so I bought myself a few miniatures! I always do it. Every year I indulge with myself and buy a few things for my birthday ;)
Here you can see some yummy pastries from Paris Miniatures. Emma has spoiled me this time, she has even included the 'vanilla' flavored St. Honoré in my order for free! Thank you :)

And of course I couldn't ignore Rosanna's post (she was selling some of her handmade miniatures left over from Simp)....I had to have one of her magnificent embroidered tea cozies!

Here's a pic of all my new miniatures together!

I just wish my birthday was more than once a I would have more excuses to buy myself miniatures!!!!!!

11 commenti:

  1. Sometimes the best presents are the ones we buy for ourselves....simply lovely. Indulge!

  2. Wonderful! I want also one of Rosanna's teacosys, but I first have to decide to which house it will go and then the colours :) And HAPPY birthday!

  3. Happy birthday to you Lucia!!!!
    You sure picked some fantastic presents for your day!!!!
    The pastry delicious.. and the tea cosy is just devine!
    It is "my" pattern, the same she made for me for the french house!!!
    I really had to hold back to be able to not buy this one, it is so lovely with the new background color!!!! But it is nice to see it has found a good home :))))))
    Good choices Lucia!!!
    A Birthday hug:)

  4. Hi Synnove, yes, 'your' pattern is lovely, and I'm so glad you did manage to hold yourself back from buying this one ;) My new tea cosy has surely found a nice house! I've got the pastries to go with it, now I need the perfect tea pot so that I can make a wonderful display :)

  5. Me ha encantado encontrar tu blog!!!!
    Tienes unos preciosos trabajos!!
    Feliz Cumpleaños!!!!
    besitos ascension

  6. ma che belli!!!! fossero veri, mannaggia, si potrebbero mangare... ah ah!
    la copriteiera è deliziosa, Rosanna è davvero molto brava!!
    buon compleanno!!!! felicità!

  7. Emma e Neil sono PAZZESCHI !!! il loro lavoro è impeccabile. Fai benissimo a farti regali da sola, sono quelli che sicuramente non ci deluderanno. Tanti auguri, Rosanna

  8. Happy Birthday to you!!!! The same day as Araceli (you told me that)!!
    Your self-presents are so lovely!!! The cakes looks so yummy and the tea cosy from Rosanna is more than beautiful!!!

  9. happy birthday, enjoy your wonderful cakes!! hugs

  10. Hello Lucia!
    I just came across your blog jumping from another one and I had no idea the cakes were for your birthday! I was stuck with the moving house story, so, its a bit late now but better than never "Happy birthday"!!!!

  11. You bought yourself beautiful presents.
    Emma and Rosanna really make beautiful things and they are very nice women.