mercoledì 4 agosto 2010

Back to miniatures making

So here I am, after a week in the US, more or less settled.
I've had time to unpack the few tools/fabrics/beads/etc I was able to carry with me, and I'm now back to crafting. I've managed to make a hat-pins cushion -to go on the counter of my millinery shop, or course!-. And a straw bonnet, which has proved to be quite tricky; I'd say it's definitely easier to make a regular hat, compared to a bonnet. Still, I thought that a well stocked milliner needs to carry in the range also some bonnets!
Well, it's time to go enjoy that 41° Celsius which reign on Arizona at the moment! More mini making (the give away I'll hold soon!) later on today.
Lucia xx

5 commenti:

  1. Nice to know you have landed safe in the US. The bonnet is beautiful. You have really done the job well. SMILE
    And what a lovely hat-pins cushion.

  2. Wau, it is very beautiful hat :O))

  3. El sombrero es espectacular, y las agujas para sujetarlo son muy bonitas.