domenica 10 aprile 2011

A cushion is born!

Yes, this cushion -well, what soon will be a cushion- was born yesterday afternoon in the sunny gardens of Blenheim Palace. A most delightful place to visit, if you happen to be in the UK around the Oxford area. I happen to have a free pass to go in whenever I want, so yesterday I didn't want to miss out a great day in the sun at Blenheim. And this is where my first 40 count project was born :)
I hope you'll like it!
Mini hugs, Lucia

9 commenti:

  1. Lucia è bellissimo. Ti posso chiedere dove hai trovato lo schema ? complimenti ancora per il lavoro. Buona serata, Rosanna

  2. Very pretty design and perfect needlework :)

  3. Lucia, auguri per il nuovo nato :-)
    Si tratta di una autentica meraviglia :-) :-) :-)

  4. It is just GORGEOUS! I love the roses, buds and colors. It is going to make a beautiful cushion.

    Have you hear of people using faux sand to fill their cushions with? The weight keeps them in place and the indentaions you can make give a ver realistic look. I haven't tried it myself but I think if I stitch one I will.

  5. il ricamo è bellissimo, il posto pure.
    che dire?? se il sole d'Inghilterra produce questi effetti, quasi quasi vengo a farmi un WE... :))
    baci, Caterina
    PS: anche il tappeto è una vera opera d'arte! io non ho pazienza col ricamo... brava!

  6. Lovely work and so is the amazing carpet.
    Well done indeed.