venerdì 27 luglio 2012


This miniature lady is modeling my very first wig. Yep, I'm using this head just to model the wigs. (The hair that you see can actually be taken off the head, and put on a hat stand).

My idea is to have a few wigs on display in one of my many shops of the shopping centre. Eventually, once I'll have enough wigs, I'll redress (yes, come on, the dress of this doll is absolutely ugly) and re-do the hair of this lady, but for the time being she'll have to be very patient with me and let me experiment with viscose.

Viscose is one of the messiest materials I've worked with so far. After a whole morning of wigging, and after a thorough clean up of my place, I'm still picking up viscose bits here and there. Quite frankly I'm not a big fan of sticky fingers with sticky viscose on, and viscose flying around the place, landing everywhere. But hey, I like the result, so I'll keep making some more wigs!

Here you can see some pics of the wig, I hope you'll enjoy seeing them!

2 commenti:

  1. Adorabili questi riccioli d'oro!!! mi piace tanto il lavoro che hai fatto!!! Bravissima!! Ma che materiale hai usato per fare la parrucca? ..
    un bacio

  2. ciao cara, come stai? spero bene!!
    vedo che stai facendo la parrucchiera adesso.. ah ah! ottimo risultato per essere la prima, io anche dovrei cambiare look alla mia bambola, mi sa che devo fare un corso accelerato di taglio e messa in piega.. :)