martedì 12 febbraio 2013

Grocery shop

Today I'm taking you on a tour of my unfinished grocery store, part of my shops arcade of course!
As you can see, the grocery store is on two floors, with the second being a terrace where customers can seat and enjoy some delicatessen. But you'll just have to use your imagination for the time being :) What you see on the terrace at the moment is just pure clutter (things that I have to finish for the grocery day!). 

Next is a close up of the arches in the shop. I've decorated them with some sheep (coming from a nativity scene package) and some shells (which I picked at the sea ages ago). 

From the pic here below you can clearly see the clutter on the terrace, ermmm....just pretend it's not there, ok?!

And finally a close up of the shelf I made myself for the shop. Now all I have to do is make LOADS of grocery items so that I can stock up this shop!

I apologize for the right mess in this shop, but at least you can see some work in progress ;)

I hope you'll all have a lovely week ahead!


6 commenti:

  1. Esta quedando muy linda!! Hermoso trabajo!!

  2. Il tuo negozio sta venendo molto bene. E sarà molto ben fornito con tutti questi scaffali.
    Ciao Faby

  3. I love the shelves that you made. Your shop looks beautiful. Looking forward to seeing more.
    Hugs Maria

  4. I love the decoration of your shop.

  5. Very interesting that you have made a balcony / terrace in your store, a really good idea.