martedì 27 aprile 2010

Endless ceiling!

Et voilà, here it is! The longest ceiling I've ever decoratedin my entire life! And let's admit it, it's a bit tedious to paint all those small squares ;) But I'm so pleased with the result! I can't wait to actually take some pics of the mall with the ceiling in its place. Hopefully you'll like it!
Mini hugs, Lucia

4 commenti:

  1. This is such an amazing project, and I think the hard work on the ceiling will be rewarded with how fabulous it looks when you put it in place.

  2. As Norma has said is a beautiful project so it worth it to paint all the mini squares!!
    POst more pictures soon ;)

  3. It looks fab, I hope also that you'll post pics soon with the ceiling on the place :)