sabato 3 aprile 2010

Work in progress

While I was cleaning up my computer today, I've found some pictures of my mall, as I left it back in December.
I thought I'd show you the tedious process of tile making (and gluing). In the first pic you can see the hallway of the ground floor, while in the second pic you can see a detail of one of the walls (with a door that leads to a shop). I was inspired by one of the hallways of the Queen Mary doll house; I liked the minimalist look of the white and black floor, with completely white panel walls. So here's you can see my version of it.
Right below there's the completed (all right, it is still missing the ceiling....) hallway.

And lastly, a picture taken from above of the entire ground floor, so that you can get a general idea of what the structure of the mall is like. Basically there will be shops on all sides, for a total of six on each floor. I hope you like it!!!

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  1. Yes, love it! I hadn't seen these pictures of your mall yet, I love this project! I hope to see more soon when you get back to Italy.