mercoledì 26 maggio 2010

Purchases at Kensington

Here I am! It has taken me a while, but I'm eventually able to show you some of the things I bought at the Kensington fair!
A few cookie cutters, so that I can attempt making my own cookies (duh!!!!!!), if I ever manage to develop my techniques with Fimo clay... (I haven't lost my hopes yet!). And a couple trays. I want to try and fill them with some kind of food, possibly desserts, because I love sweet things :)

And then I've bought this beautiful crocheted set that I'm sure will fit perfectly in a kids clothes shop! The dress is just amazing, it has tiny buttons at the back and it even opens. The little girl who'll get to own this dress will be a very lucky one!

I couldn't resist, I had to buy this bed cover as well. It reminds me of the ones I used to have when I was a child. So I had to have one. This will not go in the shop, but in one of my previously made dolls houses. But of course I might always change my mind....I love rearranging things around my mini houses ;)

And a huge stock of silk ribbons! The pic doesn't show you all the ribbon sizes and colors I bought. Well, I think that now I can start making some more hats for my shop! Actually I've already got enough hats to fill two shops, but I just can't stop making millinery! I love it!

I've bought a few more things, but I haven't taken pics yet. Unfortunately the weather here is horrible, and it's hard to get a light which is good enough for taking photos.
Have a good evening!

3 commenti:

  1. How lucky to attend and buy such lovely minis!!! I love the collection of silk ribbons on all colors!!!!

  2. Lovely purchases :)))
    Oh...I wish I was there too, it is such a nice and good quality fair!!!
    looking forward to more pictures:)
    Synnøve :)

  3. You bought lovely things :-))) I wish I could come next year and buy something, too...
    Hugs and greetings from Bavaria, Germany