domenica 13 giugno 2010

Bunka reels

This is what I've been up to in the last week! I made tons of little bunka reels. I had to try all the colors I own...I just couldn't help it. Besides, an haberdasher must have all sorts of colors, otherwise his customers will be very disappointed ;)
I hope you'll enjoy my new miniatures!
Have a very good evening,

10 commenti:

  1. Your customers will certainly not be able to complain, it is a bunka rainbow :)

  2. All these colours are wonderful. I'm looking forward to seeing the bunka reels in the shop. They look great.

  3. Hi Lucia,

    I just read your entire blog. That's an amazing project you have undertaken. I am so impressed. Your attention to detail is fantastic. I love the little boxes. Did you make them from a kit or are they made from scratch? They are are wonderful!

  4. Hi Lucia,
    thanks for signing included in my blog so I could wander around on your ...
    nice! hi definitely reels packed with so much patience will make a good impression in your notions that I hope we will soon see.
    Terry look in my Geve away ..... ciaoooo

  5. Hi Lucia, You're welcome in my blog. Yours is full of wonderful miniatures. I'll follow you with pleasure. See you soon :O)

  6. ...all your little reels look great, it puts me in mind of what I shall be needing for my next project....lovely!

  7. Wanda, I made all my little boxes from scratch. I researched on the internet for a few pictures, and then it has been simply a work of copy and paste on my computer, design the boxes, print, cut, and glue everything together!
    Mini hugs,

  8. So many detais! I'm sure your shop would be fantastic.

  9. I was going to do this with a spool but still haven't found the perfect spool. You should do it if your find one!

  10. I love all these colors, the rest of what you made is very beautifull too.
    Love your hats.
    I thank you for folliwing my blog.