domenica 20 giugno 2010

Cold porcelain and hats

Good afternoon everyone! Today I'm showing you a couple more hats I've made, inspired by the Royal Ascot events that have been going on in the past few days! As you can probably imagine, I've looked at so many pictures of the ladies at Ascot...I wish I could go there one day, just for the fun of looking at all those beautiful hats, and take loads of pics as inspirations!
Also, yesterday I've made my very first cold porcelain! I must admit that I was cooking glue and cornstarch at lunch time, so my housemates saw it...and they were pretty amused by it. I don't think they ever thought that someone could cook glue :) I've also posted a pic of my very first roses, made out of cold porcelain of course! I'm pretty pleased with my results of both my first cold porcelain and my first roses!!!!!

6 commenti:

  1. The roses, and the hats are fantastic. I must try the cold porcelain one of these days :)

  2. Lucia, I love your roses, very fine petals. I've never tried cold porcelain. I absolutely adore your hats. Perfect for the Royal Ascot!

  3. Love your roses and the hats are gorgeous, specially the blue and white one, very 'Ascot'!

  4. The roses are beautiful. The hats are gorgeous, I love the second one.

  5. The flowers are lovely!
    What is cold porcelain??

  6. Your first roses....they look so pretty!!!!

    I also love your hats, all of them!