martedì 8 febbraio 2011

More shop pics

Yes, I know, I said that the millinery shop is almost finished....well, let's say that most of it's done...though I'm still missing a table with poufs in the middle, and a nice drapery to cover the door, and hat boxes, and hat pins, you know, all those trinkets!
And I said I was going to focus on the flower shop now...But...I wanted to share with you these couple pics I took (still in no good light) of the two counters in the millinery shop which simulate the front of the shop. You've got to use your imagination and pretend that there's some big windows in front of these two counters. After all, in real life there's a huge perspex panel in front of the shop, instead of the traditional wood panel (so that you can see the inside at all times).
Also, I wanted to welcome all the new followers, and thank you for all the kind comments you leave on my blog :) It's always nice, after a long day, to come home and read all these lovely messages!
Caterina, yes, I'm in the UK now ;) And I haven't forgot about your hat!
Mini hugs, Lucia

6 commenti:

  1. ci pensi ancora??? ma non ti preoccupare! :)) pensa al tuo negozio piuttosto! sono curiosa di vedere gli sviluppi...
    un bacioneeeeeeeee!!

  2. LUCIA !!! i cappelli bianchi e neri !!!! sembrano usciti da My Fair Lady !!! Bellissimi !!!

  3. The hats are fabulous, and I also like the pretty design on the display stand.

  4. Wow, I just love that hat on the bottom right. So so beauiful and so are all the others!

  5. Che peccato che accessori così eleganti e femminili, oggi svolgano solo una funzione marginale nella vita di una donna: qualche matrimonio elegante e nulla più!
    Per fortuna il tuo negozio terrà viva almeno la nostra fantasia :-)

  6. Lucia, The hats are so wonderful!! Your shop will be lovely!!