mercoledì 23 febbraio 2011

A SHE bear

She's antique pink, she's soft, yet skinny, she's got this old look, as if she really came out of a box after having hidden for more than a century. She's my last work, and I absolutely adore her.
I also made her a fur jacket, just in case she feels cold. I'm sure that in a toy shop they would sell not only bears, but also clothes to fit them ;)
I hope you'll like her!
I'm very sad to say I had to miss Miniaturitalia yet again, eh, but hopefully next year I'll be in Italy when the fair is held. Anyways, my mum went there and bought me my next challenge (which yes, it has already crossed the Channel and is already here in the UK)....a miniature carpet kit! It's actually quite a big one, which should keep me busy for a while, especially since I've never done something like this before! Hopefully it'll turn out nicely....I'll take pics of the work done so far, so you can get an idea :)
Mini hugs, Lucia

7 commenti:

  1. Lovely bear and I truly love the jacket.
    I am looking forward to seeing the carpet kit your mother bought.

  2. The bear is so adorable and looks very old!!! The jacket is wonderful too!! Share your carpet once you get started on it! I would love to see!

  3. What a cute bear! The jacket is adorable. =)

  4. Aaaw, sweet precious pink bear! Her jacket is so pretty!!

  5. Lucia... con questa piccola orsetta mi hai fatto innamorare!!!
    Adoro la sua pelliccia e il suo cappottino :-)
    Sei davvero unica!!!
    Un grande abbraccio da un'altra assente a Miniaturitalia :-(
    Può darsi che entrambe possiamo recuperare l'anno prossimo e anche conoscerci :-)

  6. What a adorable little bears you make!
    Do you sell your creations ?