martedì 8 giugno 2010

Pretty vases

These vases have traveled all the way from Tasmania to England! As you can see they've got here in perfect conditions :) Margaret Crosswell is the artisan who made them, I'm sure you know the talented Aussie miniaturist! And, oh my, aren't those tiny roses the cutest you've ever seen?! I feel inspired, I shall make a hat which recalls these vases.
A big thank you to Linda Carswell as well, without whom I wouldn't be the proud owner of such beauties.
Mini hugs, Lucia

8 commenti:

  1. Sono splendidi. Io ho un vaso ed un portacandela e non finisco mai di stupirmi per la loro perfezione.Buona serata, Rosanna

  2. Yesss!! They are gorgeous! I love Margaret Crosswell porcelain too.

  3. They are really lovely and an excellent porcelain work!!!

  4. They are beautiful miniatures. And your shopping mall is a wonderful work! Congratulations! Thank you for following my blog!

  5. Tuo blog é bellissimo, questa porcelana stupenda! Ho fatto un blog anche io:
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